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   SAULIDI is a family-owned clothing brand founded by Ivan and Katerina Saulidi. We are the family that cares about what it produces!

   The brand creates high-quality knitwear for everyday use. Each item in the collection is handmade in a small workshop in the south of St. Petersburg.


   For manufacturing we used only high-quality materials , which allow to extend the life of the item, as well as make it warmer and more practical. After manufacturing, each item is washed and dried, and some models are even frozen, followed by assembly and packaging. Ivan and Katerina themselves control all processes to be sure that the thing has got to the new owner in perfect shape.

   We try to find local suppliers and support the local textile industry. But some types of wool are not produced in our country, for example, cashmere, so we resort to the help of the best Italian factories.


   We work very closely with yarn suppliers, as well as our masters, accumulate, synthesize their experience and are very proud that we can use them and our knowledge for production.

   Items from the collection have a free silhouette, most are made in oversize format for greater comfort. SAULIDI sweaters and cardigans are simple and convenient, they have attracted the attention of girls of different ages and lifestyles, and high quality and attention to detail have created a circle of regular customers around the brand that is growing all the time.


   We combine modern technology and the oldest craft to finally get beautiful and high-quality knitwear. Handwork is a painstaking and complicated process that takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it!

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